Hi all, this is my first post, so here goes, and I would love some helpful criticism in the comments.

Thousands of people are being killed by hurricanes these days. It really is horrible. So how can we stop it?

WHAT WE KNOW: Hurricanes are swirling winds that suck up the warm water beneath them, and are made in the middle of tropical oceans.

So, there are a few things here. Winds are made when air heats up and leaves to higher atmosphere, leaving a vacuum behind it. The surrounding air rushes to fill it, so yeah, that’s wind. Cause of wind: heat.

But hurricanes are more than just wind. There’s water, too. Water is added when it get’s warm and evaporates into rising particles of water. The swirling winds of a hurricane are created when cold winds from the north blow over warm oceans. The temperatures have to become the same, so the cold winds come down from above, and the warm, wet air of the ocean comes up from below, and they swirl around each other, in a big, watery tornado. Cause of both swirling and water: heat.

With this information, it is clear that hurricanes are caused by heat. That’s probably why they’re usually in tropical areas.

So, back to stopping them. We know that they are caused by heat. So do we cool down the entire world? I doubt it. But YES! Because, as crazy as it sounds, it is possible, and you can help.

How? Well, how is heat created? Heat can be created by explosions, right? What are explosions? A bunch of gas plus combustion. Explodable gas can be made when food rots. But wait! Can the amount of gas be lowered if I let less food rot? Yes! And significantly, too!

So save some lives, and don’t throw that food away!


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